Star Student – Jenna, Year 9

Jenna from Year 9 has been nominated as Star Student by Mrs Lynne Gouldsmith who looks after the Young Carers in Penrice Academy.

Earlier this year Mrs Gouldsmith nominated Jenna for the Young Carer category of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Awards. Although Jenna was not shortlisted, the MS Society wanted to congratulate her on being nominated by sending her a certificate.

Jenna is in the unusual position of having both her parents diagnosed with MS.

Mrs Gouldsmith said “Jenna never moans or complains about her home situation and in fact many people are not aware of the difficulties she has. Jenna’s caring role at home has had a positive impact on the lives of her parents, who rely on her for emotional as well as practical support.”

Penrice Academy is the only school in Cornwall to have received a Young Carers in Schools Award from the Carers Trust and Children’s Society. The Bronze Award recognises that Penrice Academy supports young carers in many ways, including homework clubs and drop-in sessions with a member of staff who is responsible for this vulnerable group of pupils.

Vital information about how to identify Young Carers is made available to all school staff and noticeboards and the school website let students and their families know where to go for help.

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