Staff and Governors

Our teachers, support staff and governors play a huge part in our community here at Penrice. Each and every one of them helps in daily support, encouragement, teaching and development of each and every one of our students.

You can find a full list of our current staff below.

Overview of how the Trust is governed

There are three tiers of governance for the Trust. The top two tiers – Members and the Board of Directors – are required by the Articles of Association. The third tier – Local Governing Bodies (LGBs) – are optional but the Board sees local governors as having an important role and each Trust school has their own LGB.

Members – appoint the majority of Directors; guard the values and ethos of the Trust; and monitor the activities of the Trust to ensure it is providing best value for parents, children and the wider community.

Directors – set the strategic direction for the Trust; hold the Trust to account for its outcomes for students; and oversee the work of the executive officers.

Governors – have a delegated responsibility for standards and outcomes in their school; its safeguarding; and its relationships with external stakeholders, especially parents.

To ensure clarity over who is responsible for what – for example between governance and executive officers and between the Board and LGBs – a Scheme of Delegation has been drawn up together with various Terms of Reference.

In light of the experience gained during the first 18 months of managing and governing the Trust these are being reviewed and updated versions will be issued.

Structure and Meetings
Members meet twice a year and the spring term meeting includes the Trust’s AGM.

About The Governors

Penrice Academy has its own Local Governing Body who are responsible for:

  • Setting the ethos and character of the Academy
  • Interacting with students, staff and parents on Academy performance, curriculum, the conduct of students and admissions
  • Holding the staff of the academy to account for standards
Governors List 2021


Mrs Jacqueline Sage – Chair of Governors

Mr Rob Parker

Mr Pani Bundy

Mr Peter Jackson – Staff Governor

Mr Gordon Simpson

Mr Martin Barnes

Mr Nicholas Bailey

Mrs Zona Maunder – Parent Governor

Ms Lucy Gambier – Principal

Mr Richard Baker – Executive Principal

Clerk to Governors: Mr Jeremy Alder

How To Become a Governor

Governor vacancies are advertised with a description of the skills required.  There will always be a minimum of two parent Governors. Parent Governor vacancies will be advertised to all registered parents.  Interested parents may apply to be selected for this role. Staff Governors are elected by Academy staff.  All other Governors are appointed by The Peninsula Learning Trust.  Interested potential Governors may apply for vacancies when advertised.

Contacting a Governor

Mr Jeremy Alder

Company Secretary

Penrice Academy

Charlestown Road

 St Austell

Cornwall PL25 3NR

Telephone: 01726 72163