Sports Report: 10/05/18

Plenty to talk about from last week – especially towards the end! Athletics training, Girls’ Rugby Festival, a cricket match and a netball tournament. As PE staff we always try to encourage good sportsmanship within sport; this week showed some of the great sportswomen and sportsmen we have at Penrice and the sport reputation our students continue to build for their school.

Wednesday 2nd May

Year 7 and 9 headed over to Par Athletics Track for their chance to compete in the warm up competition. Par Athletics Track is a great place for students to use facilities that we don’t have at school and, as it was the last warm up competition, it was now over to the PE staff to look at what students would be heading off to the Track and Field Cup competition.

All the students worked really hard and showed great determination in their events. Again it was lovely to see athletes from Penrice represent the school so well. The PE staff ran the high jump event and as we watched Kimberly Knight from Year 7 take part we could see her outstanding talent. It was a great afternoon for all those who came along. Now to get ready for our boys and girls cup competition!

Thursday 3rd May

Our U15 Girls’ Rugby team enjoyed a Girl’s Rugby Festival. The festival was held at Penrice and was run by Neil Smith and some of his colleagues from England Rugby.  It was a fun filled day full of training and matches against other schools.

We also had John Sherard and Reigan Fletcher- Taylor from Year 9 come down and help coach the girls and support the Penrice girls. The team’s confidence and ability grew as the day went on, which really showed in their last couple of game, with Hannah Dawes speeding around the field. What was also impressive was the attitude the students had towards the other schools; when not playing the students were cheering and even sharing tips.

We also had a Year 7 Boys’ Cricket match after school on Thursday. The boys had a great first game and won by 20 points! The cricket boys came prepared and used the skills they have learnt from their cricket training days. All the players showed great bowling and fielding skills. Charlie Baker was overall the best batter from the team. Well done boys on your hard work during the game!

Friday 4th May

It was the big day for our Year 7 Netball team; they were off to Camborne to compete in their County Netball tournament.

The girls had been looking forward to this day for a very long time and worked tremendously hard training for it. As quoted by Mrs Razzell “We totally owned it!” The girls had some great wins against the other schools, including Penryn, which the girls won 9-0 – a huge achievement. The girls headed over to their final section of the tournament only conceding 2 goals, so left the girls in very high spirits.

22 schools had entered the tournament; meaning the worst they could finish was fourth! The first school that crossed paths with Penrice was Mounts Bay and our girls stood their ground proudly, and despite showing some amazing attacking and defensive play, unfortunately, they lost 6-2.

Falmouth was the next encounter. It was another physical and hard game but the girls showed great determination and battled through the game and won 4-3.

The last game of the day was against Truro High School; this time it was a case of Truro beating us rather than us losing after an intense game. Overall an excellent day of netball by our young players.

As quoted by Mrs Razzell: “They made me an extremely excited and proud teacher and played some outstanding Netball (the best that I have seen in a long time!) Watch this space with this lot!”.

What an amazing week of great sport for Penrice!

The PE team would also love to hear from any students who take part in any sports outside of school and your achievements; it can be anything from gymnastics, surfing, judo, anything at all!

On next week:

The usual after school clubs still running and not forgetting the usual PE lessons- so don’t forget your kit!

Tuesday- Boys’ Track and Field Cup

Wednesday- Girls’ Track and Field Cup

Cricket cup game.

Quote of the week

“I always believed. And when you do that, life can get unbelievable”  – Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill.

Miss Paciuszko – Team PE