Sport Report: 15/01/2016

The new PE extra curricular programme for the Spring term officially gets kick started on Monday with Girls Netball, Boys Football, Table Tennis, Basketball, Hockey, Cricket, Fitness and Gymnastics all on offer for students so plenty of opportunity to participate and get involved in some form of physical activity both competitive and non-competitive.

You can find a full list of our extra-curricular clubs for this term here.

The Football season is up and running as 51 boys from across Years 7, 8 and 9 travelled to Richard Lander for the season opener. Unfortunately due to the inclement weather the original matches had to be postponed due to waterlogged pitches, however Richard Lander kindly arranged various 7-a-side tournaments on their Astroturf and the 3G surface at Truro College to enable the boys to participate in some form of football.

There were some excellent performances and excellent results to match. There were several outstanding performances, the most valuable players in Year 7 included; Rory Moores, Finn Nutbeem, Ben France, Leo Best, Jowan Conibear-Trathen and Alec Nile. In Year 8, the most valuable players were; Blake Barnes, Cody Wilson and Harry Probyn and in Year 9 it was Rubin Wilson, Huey Campbell and Dan Hocking. Next week the Boys Football continues with home fixtures against Bodmin on Wednesday night – preparations are leading to the opening round of the Cup which takes place the following week for all age groups. Training continues from Monday.

The girls Netball resumes on Monday with training for the Year 7s and Year 8s then on Tuesday its the turn of the Year 9s and Year 10s with their first game against Wadebridge at home on Wednesday. Hockey also resumes on Tuesday and Friday with fixtures against Wadebridge, also on Wednesday.

All full set of fixtures – for Football, Netball and Hockey –  can be seen here.

Should any students wish to know any further information on any other PE – curricular or extra curricular related – they should see a member of the PE staff.

Sports Fixtures Next Wednesday

Boys Football – Bodmin School (H) – Year 7a/b, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10.

Girls Netball – Wadebridge School (H) – Year 7, Year 8, Year 10.

Girls Hockey – Wadebridge School (H) – Year 9