SongFest 2022 – Pupils Take to the Stage at The Plymouth Pavilions

A musically-talented group of 15 students performed live on stage at the Plymouth Pavilions yesterday as part of SongFest 2022.

The event was organised by Cornwall Music Education Hub and saw schools come together from across Cornwall and Devon to sing in one giant ensemble.

SongFest took place across 6 locations – Penzance, Falmouth, Wadebridge, Truro, Launceston and Plymouth. Penrice Academy were delighted to be chosen to join schools showcasing their talent at the magnificent Plymouth Pavilions.

Mr Brodey, Music Teacher at Penrice Academy, explained:

“Songfest is all about developing students’ confidence and skills to perform in front of an audience. It was great for them to see other schools, other children, and experience that sense of ensemble. It was a fantastic experience for our students to perform at such an iconic venue; it’s not everyday that pupils can go home and tell their parents that they have been on stage singing to such a large audience.”

The SongFest Team at the Plymouth Pavilions Stage Door

All students had been learning the SongFest 2022 songs in their music lessons since Christmas. Volunteers were then invited back to the music rooms during breaktimes and lunchtimes (Tuesday and Thursdays) if they were inspired to get on stage and participate in the big event.

Student Views

Jack (7JS) said:

“I thought it would be a bit of fun, a great experience and an opportunity that I would not get to do again”.

Lacey (7IHC) said:

“I was a bit nervous when stepping on stage at first. But then it was really fun, especially doing all of the actions for the songs”.

Izzy (7IHC) said:

“My favourite song was Empower Me, because you felt like you had the power on stage standing in front of everyone.”

Final Words

Following the event, there is unanimous agreement amongst the students that they would all have the confidence to perform on such a large stage again. Great bravery team!

Izzy and Lacey finished by saying:

“Thank you to Mr Brodey and Miss Smalley for the opportunity to perform in Plymouth, it was really fun.”