Senior Prefect Team Bonding Day

Last Friday our Senior Prefect Team took part in a day of teamwork, bonding and leadership development at BF Adventures.

The day saw the students tackling a zip wire, canoeing and getting involved in water courses as a team in the old quarry, in order to strengthen and develop their relationships outside of lessons and to help with the many challenges facing them as this year’s Prefect Team.

Deputy Head Boy, Connor, explains: “When we arrived we had introductions with the team and the instructors at BF Adventure. To begin our day, we started on the zip wire task; clipped in to our harnesses and helmets and we were ready to go. I started with a trial run and once this was completed we split into two teams and then paired up for the competition – trying to successfully hit a target. The competition was very tight, but team Marco won.

Next it was the adventure quarry. With small platforms and planks of wood we had to manoeuvre around the quarry without falling in! Luckily we succeeded and no one got wet. To complete the Quarry task we blindfolded our loudest leaders and the quieter one had to guide them through an obstacle course, including crossing a river, climbing a net and a bridge run. Isabel took a fall! Finally we went canoeing and did water racing, which was very fun and luckily no one capsized.

This day was a chance for us to bond in a fun way; I think the team are stronger because of it. We all cannot wait for the year ahead.”

Head Boy, Jack, said: “It was a really fun day, but it was also an important one. We all felt stronger and closer as a group after taking part in what were difficult activities. We would like to say a huge thank you to the teachers for making it happen!”