Senior Prefect Team Activities

On Thursday 24th September, before taking on their Open Day duties, our Prefect Team, led by the Senior Prefects, took part in a number of activities designed to test their skills in leadership and assertiveness.

Mr Wood, Head of Year 11, said: “Learning to be assertive when necessary is an important part of being a Prefect. Of course you get the louder ones, and you get quieter ones, but this session was all about trying to find a balance and working on the skills that can make the Prefect Team the best they can be. “

Senior Prefect Connor explained: “We had the task of splitting the Prefects into small teams, 8-10 per group. We split them by their duty areas so there was one from each per team. Then, each Senior Prefect was assigned to an activity, with each activity focusing on different skills and levels of communication. They battled through nine different games; collecting ducks in cups using a coat hanger, saving a baby from a treacherous swamp and rolling a ball down gutters to reach a goal!”

The groups then came together at the end of each activity to debrief and discuss how the challenge went and what could be improved.

Mr Wood continued: “These activities are also an opportunity for the students to meet outside of lessons and develop their leadership and team work skills. The Senior Prefects designed the activities and led them. I’d like to thank them for their initiative, dedication and leadership on the day.”