See Your Design on a Go Jute Bag!

This month, bag manufacturers Go Jute are offering students at Penrice Academy a chance to have their own personal design printed on a batch of reusable bags, in line with the new Plastic Bag Tax, which will see all single-use bags coming with a 5p charge from this month.

Richard from Go Jute, who have international offices around the world but are based in St Austell, visited Penrice students in assemblies last week to discuss his business, the 5p tax and why it’s an important step in combating pollution.

He told students: “It’s a scene all of you will know – plastic bags caught on fences, strewn across beaches and endangering wildlife. It is estimated that one person will use 130 bags in one year, so we hope that this tax will go a long way to cut down on these millions of harmful single-use plastic bags by up to 80%.”

Jute bags, made from the plant which grows in warm climates, are biodegradable, natural and, most importantly, reusable. Richard, who is an ex-student from Penrice, also explained the competition his company are running.

“You have the opportunity to have your design featured on thousands of bags that will be given free to every student and teacher at this school. I suggest big, bold and bright colours – there is every chance that your design will be seen around the world!”

Over the next fortnight, each tutor group will select one winning entry to represent their form. Designs can be hand drawn or completed digitally using iPads, PCs or Macs.

The winner will be chosen by representatives from Go Jute based on originality, suitability and the best representation of Penrice.

Designs are to be submitted by Wednesday 21st October and can be emailed to Miss Gambier,, or given in at the AP office. Good luck!

You can read more about Go Jute on their website.