RIPSCENE to sell at Eden

As part of the National Young Enterprise Programme, Penrice Academy’s aspiring young business men and women of RIPSCENE will be competing to sell their products at Eden this weekend, against 11 of the county’s schools and colleges.

They are all set to sell their newly created products at a Spring fair on Saturday 19th March.

RIPSCENE are Penrice Academy’s Young Enterprise Team, a group of Year 10 students who have created a range of environmentally friendly products.

Lowenna, RIPSCENE’s Marketing Director, said: “Our products, including hearts and mirrors, are made out of driftwood. We chose to support local charities to help clear the beaches as we live so close to the sea and it is an important part of business in Cornwall.”

Designers Kiera, Lucy and Jake have been working hard on designs and templates based on feedback from users.  Meanwhile, the rest of the team have been working on promotional material including the website, currently in design by Josh, and social media activity led by Heather and Eloise.

Be sure to visit RIPSCENE at The Eden Project on Saturday 19th March.

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