Return to School – January 2022 COVID Testing

Ahead of students return to school in January, the Department for Education have requested that all secondary schools test students in person, with the aim to reduce transmission and increase testing uptake. We are one of a small number of schools that have been able to secure PCR tests for our students to further improve the accuracy of our testing programme. Testing remains voluntary, but we would strongly encourage all students to come into school for tests to help keep our community as safe as possible

To facilitate the enhanced in-school testing, students will work from home on Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th January, with work provided on Show My Homework. They will then be able to attend in school for their test on the dates below. All year groups will return to in school learning on Friday 7th January.

Return to School Testing Overview

Wednesday 5th January 2022

In School PCR Tests for Years 7, 8 & 11.
All Students learning at home – Just attend for test.

Thursday 6th January 2022

In School PCR Tests for Years 9 & 10
All Students learning at home – Just attend for test

Friday 7th January 2022

All Students return to in school learning

Monday 10th January 2022

All Students in school learning (Week A)

Testing Timetable

Wednesday 5th January 2022
8:30  7SA & 7AF
8:50  7IHC & 7SS
9:10  7RW & 7JS
9:30  7LC & 7FB
9:50  7CB & 7KH
10:10  8LP & 8JS
10:30  8JH & 8AJ
10:50  8RC & 8DJ
11:10  8SW & 8AS
11:30  8SM & 8ST
11:50  11EB & 11AT
12:10  11PB & 11DH
12:30  11TG & 11ZG
12:50  11TD & 11HR
13:10  11EC & 11KT
Thursday 6th January 2022
8:30  10SL & 10VT
8:50  10JN & 10SSH
9:10  10MM & 10JK
9:30  10AB & 10GW
9:50  10ELC & 10AS
10:10  9RW & 9LM
10:30  9KW & 9DW
10:50  9AM & 9LG
11:10  9GS & 9NK
11:30  9FS & 9AH


  • My child has recently tested positive for Covid-19, what shall I do?
    If your child has had a positive PCR test on or after Friday 8th October 2021, you will not need to attend the testing in January. Any positive tests prior to the 8th October should still attend for testing.
  • My child will still be aged 11 on the testing days, what shall I do?
    Students aged 11 should still come in for a lateral flow test only.

Consent Form for Dual PCR/LFD Testing

Further Information