Results Day 2019

Results Day 2019

We were delighted  to see our Year 11 Class of 2019 achieve the highest positive progress grade ever recorded at Penrice – smashing last year’s outstanding results!

Here’s just a few of the headline figures from this year.

  •  Over 75% of our students achieved Grade 4+ in English and Maths – the county’s average is 63.7%                 
  • 51% achieved a Grade 5 in English and Maths against a county average of 39.7%
  • 213 Grades of 8 or 9 (equivalent to an A*) were achieved across all subject areas
  • Our Attainment 8 score (the average combined grades across our student’s qualifications) is 52.7, the highest in county with the county average of 46.0

90% of Penrice Year 11’s achieved at least one Grade 4 in either Combined Science or Triple Science.  This is truly outstanding, 100% of our Triple Science students achieved a Grade 4 +!  Our Combined Science Grade’s of 4+ were 83.1%, compared to the national Combined Science Grade 4+ of 55.9%.

Students did equally well in other subject areas. In History, 76.1% of students achieved a Grade 4+, well above the national average of 60.5%.  Geography was a similar outcome; Grade 4+ for 75.4% of our students against the national average of 62.5%.  Over 45.5% of our Languages Spanish) students achieved a fabulous Grade 7+, compared to 27.7% nationally.   

Two of our Year 11’s achieved an amazing seven Grade 9s!  Nationally only 818 students achieved this out of 580,850 who took GCSEs this year (0.14% of the cohort).

We want to celebrate the success of all our students.  High grades are to be praised but we understand not all our students can achieve these and personal development journeys are just as important.  By providing opportunities to develop skills and knowledge in a stable and high quality learning environment we allow all our students to develop and achieve their true potential.  Significant personal growth is often more difficult to measure statistically.  We support many of our students as they have face personal challenges during their time with us; their achievements deserve equal recognition.  We are very pleased to announce that  over 70% of our students made better than expected progress.

This year our students have achieved a massive +0.5 Progress 8!  Progress 8 is a school performance measure that shows how much academic progress students make from their primary KS2 tests to their final GCSE’s and include the best 8 of their grades.  Each year all Progress 8 scores are averaged to 0, a positive Progress 8 score indicates that students have made more than expected progress.  A Progress 8 score of +0.5 is indicating that all our students have achieved a half grade higher than expected across all of their 8 subjects – a fabulous outcome!     

As the new school year continues, many more student’s achievements and success stories will be shared with you over the coming months.