Resources for German Refugees

Last term, the Language Department at Penrice Academy teamed up with a school in Germany to help provide refugees with German text books, to help them to master the language.

Mrs White explains: “Former Penrice teachers Heiko Döring and Mrs Kerena Rundle, who many in our community will remember, have always kept in touch with us. Heiko now works in a school in Paderborn, Germany, and among other things looks after many refugee children at the school.”

“Last term, through Mrs Rundle we worked with Heiko and the school in Germany to provide them with KS3 text books and teaching material to help their teaching of German as a foreign language. Books which have helped thousands of young people learn German at Penrice throughout the years.”

In a message to the school, Heiko said: “These books are exactly what we need for our refugee children. We would really like to thank the staff and Penrice as a whole on behalf of our children and our school for this incredibly kind gesture.”

“Schools and people from England and Germany work together and help each other to deal with difficulties we face in Europe – I see this as a little contribution to a Europe we need.”