Remote Learning

Following the latest government announcements of the national lockdown, Penrice will be closed to all except critical workers and vulnerable children for the foreseeable future.
If you need to book a place for your child, please use the online booking form found here. The booking form will be available weekly and bookings can be made for the following week up until 6pm on the preceding Thursday.
During the period of closure, we will move to remote learning for all year groups, postponing all exams due to take place during January and February.

What does remote learning look like at Penrice?

We are providing a range of learning for our students to provide the best experience for them remotely. Experiencing a variety of learning is vital to maintain motivation, engagement and high levels of progress, as well as building independent learning skills.

Students will experience learning through live lessons, videoed instruction from their teacher, independent tasks, online videos and platforms.
Lessons are published in Show My Homework and are titled with the date, whether it is lesson 1,2,3 or 4 and if it is a live lesson.

If you cannot access the internet and have not let Penrice know, please contact your child’s Head of Year to allow us to support.
Year 7:
Year 8:
Year 9:
Year 10:
Year 11:

We are following our 4-lesson timetable, a copy of which has been sent out for each student. If you haven’t received a copy, please contact your child’s tutor.

Each lesson is 75 minutes, including time to upload work to Show My Homework. Your child should expect to work for the equivalent of a normal school day of 5 hours.

If your child has worked hard for 75 minutes, but has not completed all the work set, they should submit what they have completed on Show My Homework and leave a comment with their submission that they couldn’t complete all the work set.

In a slight change to published times, to allow students a brief break; lesson 2 will end at 11.50 and lesson 3 will start at 12.05.

Here are the timings of the school day during this time of remote learning.

Lesson 1 Break Lesson 2 Lesson 3 Lunch Lesson 4
9:00 –


10:15 –


10:45 –


12:05 –


13:15 –


13:45 –



Where possible your child’s teacher will be available via Microsoft Teams (live lessons) or e-mail during the lesson time to answer questions and give feedback.

We recommend that every student also completes 20 minutes reading a day. It is important to maintain the habit of reading daily as it supports learning, increases vocabulary, supports routine and increases our understanding of the world and different cultures and points of view.

No homework tasks will be set during this time of remote learning.

What can I do to support my child’s learning?

Build a routine at home. Follow the school day including break and lunchtimes as far as possible. Having a good routine is always important but especially during uncertain times as it allows students to control their day rather than their day controlling them. Developing the habit of being up, dressed and ready for learning at 9.00am is the best start to each day. Sticking to the set times of learning also allows students to enjoy their time for rest and relaxation more. Please refer to Mrs Taylor’s e-mails about maintaining good mental health during this time.

Ensure, as far as possible, that your child has a quiet space to work to allow them to concentrate fully on the work. If it is not possible to find a quiet space, wearing a pair of headphones will help to create a quieter environment.

Ensure your child attends tutor time and assemblies on time. These will be on alternate weeks and where possible on the day your child would usually have assembly when in school.
Year 7 – Friday
Year 8 – Thursday
Year 9 – Wednesday
Year 10- Tuesday
Year 11 – Monday

Support your child to attend their lessons on time.

Ensure you child understands that in live lessons:

  • they need to mute their microphone
  • they always follow their teacher’s instructions
  • they interact politely with their teacher and other students
  • they listen and are attentive throughout the lesson
  • submit work that reflects their best efforts
  • if they do not behave in an appropriate way, they will be removed from the lesson

Please can we ask that you ensure that your child does not:

  • film, photograph, screen shot or attempt to record any aspect of the lesson or the interactions during the lesson.
  • share any of the content from the lessons on social media platforms.
  • forward or share any online resources created by teachers with anyone else.
  • deliberately browse, download, upload or forward material that could be considered offensive, upsetting or illegal.

Your child must be dressed appropriately for live lessons (no pyjamas).

Your child must follow all the rules outlined in the ‘Student Acceptable Use Agreement’ found on pages 6 and 7 of the student planner.

If your child cannot attend a live lesson, please let the class teacher know. They will be able to access the recording of the lesson later in the chat function of Microsoft Teams.

How will teachers be giving feedback to my child?

We will monitor the quality of the work students submit and will check understanding. This may involve online quizzing, questions in work or other
online methods.

Teachers will provide their classes with whole class feedback on the work they have submitted and will give targeted feedback to students who have not completed their work to a sufficient standard.

Where students have not submitted work that reflects their best efforts their teacher will ask them to redo this piece of work.

How will I know if my child is completing work as expected?

We will analyse submission data for students on a weekly basis across all their subjects. Students who are disengaged with their remote learning across a range of subjects will be identified and contact will be made with you.


In addition to the above during this period of partial closure our dedicated tutor team will be making individual contact with each of their tutees, every two weeks, to maintain a sense of connectivity with school and check if you need any support with remote learning.
So far, we have set up around 50 laptops, which will go home next week; if you need any support with either IT access or equipment please contact your child’s Head of Year.


Weekly Bulletins: The Us Plus Bulletin focuses on positive mental health and well-being  and has been created to offer some support and guidance  during these unusual times!   It is part of  the Trauma Informed Schools and Mental Health First Aid provision we already have in place at Penrice Academy and continues to build on our current focus of  how to keep mentally and physically healthy during the school closures and beyond. Copies of the Us Plus Bulletins can be found here.