Privacy & Cookies

Penrice strictly follows General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation with all data handling.

The Penrice Academy website does not use cookies.

Cabin Analytics

We do however still track key metrics such as page hits, devices used and bounce rates. All of this information does not identify the end user and is tracked via Cabin Analytics. This is a cookie-free, privacy-first, carbon conscious web analytics package.

General Data Collection Forms

All data collection forms are optional to complete. We will make it explicitly clear when data is being collected. We often use Microsoft Forms, Google Forms and when collecting data. Examples of data collection forms linked to from the Penrice website include (but are not limited to):

  • Open Event Reminder Service
  • Year 8 Options Form
  • School Production Seat Reservations
  • Winter Concert Seat Reservations

Personal information captured in our General Data Collection Forms (examples above) is never shared with third parties.

Are you OK? Forms

Additionally, we also have four forms listed on our ‘Are You OK?’ page. This is an area for students to report concerns regarding: Bullying, Harmful Sexual Behaviours, Mental Health and Safeguarding.

For these forms in particular, we cannot always guarantee that personal data may not be passed on to relevant agencies such as The Police or Health Specialists. Each ‘Are You OK?’ form submission will be handled differently according to what is reported, and we will always follow the latest GDPR legislation in place at the time of each report.

Full Data Privacy Policy

Our full data privacy policy can be found on our Multi-Academy Trust’s website – CELT.