Principal’s Blog – Working Together

The students completed their own EU debate and polling yesterday, with REMAIN coming out on top. Overnight the polls were close, the voting turned out unprecedented and the LEAVE campaign won.

As with all of us I am now left wandering what this means for me, my family and our future, worryingly I really don’t know. The same can be said for my day job, as Principal of Penrice, I can only wait and see what changes will happen over the coming months. With the country needing to appoint a new Prime Minister, everything will be on hold. Key issues for the school – will a new education secretary change things: funding, curriculum, OFSTED? All these things impact a school on a daily basis.

The role of the Governors, the leaders and all the staff is to work together to ensure that the students continue to enjoy Penrice and are happy and successful so this is, as always, our priority.

This week I am delighted to be able to introduce the new Senior Prefect Team. We have a truly fantastic group of young people making up our Prefects and as a school we’re really excited to work closely with them next year on issues that affect all our students. Congratulations to Gabe Connolly and Natalie Pramuk who are our Head Boy and Girl and their Deputies Charlie Monk, Jack Parr, Emma Clarke and Maddy Kessell.

Another piece of excellent news this week is that Ashley Gilder from Year 10 has won a catering competition that will see him through to a regional final. Ashley also went far in Future Chef earlier in the year. Over the coming months he will work with local chefs who will mentor and prepare him for the competition. Fantastic achievement, well done Ashley.

Richard Baker, Principal