Principal’s Blog: The Curriculum

Next Tuesday we have two visitors from The Regional Schools Commissioner coming to visit two schools who are part of the Multi Academy Trust.

As we embark on the journey of working together as part of the MAT, we can expect regular visits just as the Local Authority would have done. The visit gives us the opportunity to celebrate all that is fantastic at Penrice Academy, especially the wonderful students we work with on a daily basis. The role of The Regional Schools Commissioner during this visit is to ensure the very best outcomes for young people in the South West. We have our challenges, but here at Penrice I truly believe that we go above and beyond for all of our students. Next week I will hopefully be able to let you know what they had to say about us.

The present Year 8 have recently taken their Options and we are busy creating the timetable for next year that will allow us to offer the very best support and opportunities for all of our students. The challenge is to make sure that the students are in the right set, with the right teacher and, more importantly, with the right level of challenge. I will be monitoring progress extremely closely to ensure that we meet these aspirations.

Coupled with preparing for September 2016 I am also starting to think about September 2017. The government are proposing a very traditional curriculum for 90% of all school children; I am not sure that this is right for all students and this is something that I will be working with other schools in the county on, to explore the best options.

Another area I will be investigating is Triple Science and Double Science. Traditionally, students going on to study A Level Science and beyond were encouraged to follow individual sciences. The guidance we are receiving at the moment is that colleges and universities are both happy with students following the Double Award and achieving the highest possible grades. I will endeavour to keep you informed over this and other curriculum issues.

If you have any comments or concerns please do get in touch.

Finally, I would like to publicly thank all the staff for their commitment, drive and passion in securing the very best outcomes for all our students, but in particular the monumental effort they are all putting in with our Year 11 students.

I can honestly say I have not worked in school that has been so determined to improve the results, outcomes and therefore life chances of the students they serve. Thank you!