Principal’s Blog – In the News

Penrice has been in the news this week for creating music videos in the rainforest and our fantastic students being interviewed live on the BBC at the Eden Project, local newspapers reported that our children are banned from a supermarket without talking to me first and Mr Brown represented Penrice and Cornwall at Twickenham – where they were crowned champions.

Leading Penrice is always challenging, always rewarding but most definitely full of surprises. I am so proud of the students and staff of this school and will always celebrate achievement whilst at the same time I will always tackle issues or behaviour that I am not happy with.

Prior to the break I was lucky enough to spend time with our Year 11 students in Newquay at the Year 11 Ball. The arrival was spectacular, the outfits superb and the atmosphere overwhelming. Well done Year 11 and thank you. You can see some pictures in our gallery and loads more on Facebook.

If you missed it you can watch the Penrice Academy LipDub on the CBBC YouTube Channel.

This week sees the start of the football campaign for the England team. The school is awash with chat, predictions and, from some quarters, a total bemusement of what all the fuss is about!

One school on the south coast made the news this week for all the wrong reasons, intending to close so that the students could go home and watch the football. With all the stories surrounding term time holidays and differing opinions on the benefits of taking children out of school, this came under much criticism, something I am keen to avoid.

Next Thursday 16th June, England play Wales at 2pm. I have asked the staff to work in subject areas, and work with the students, on what they would like to do. Some students will be very keen to work, some students will be very keen to watch the match, which I am sure is mirrored by the staff.  A sensible approach by staff and students is what I am looking for. So much hard work goes into achieving fantastic attendance at the school – I certainly do not want this to affect it. Working together is the only answer.

HOWEVER Year 11, you have Science boosters until 3pm, with an exam the next day. Five years of hard work should not be jeopardised for forty-five minutes of football, whatever the occasion.

Richard Baker, Principal