PiXL Edge

Here you will find the first in a series of mini topics from PiXL Edge which will help your son or daughter to settle in and progress at Penrice Academy.

The 5 attributes developed by the programme were chosen following consultation with employers:

  • Leadership
  • Organisation
  • Resilience
  • Initiative
  • Communication

Each term students will be given a booklet which will be broken down into categories such as “Organisation”.

We hope that by using these booklets and the resources supplied we can jointly support our students, to enable them to achieve their true potential both inside and outside of the classroom.

Our Learning Journey for Year 7

Starting as we mean to go on

Autumn Term

  • Students learn about personal organisation and can identify what is important in their lives
  • Students understand the power of words for good and for harm, and organised acts of kindness

Spring Term

  • Expressing myself effectively
  • Students can reflect on how they show resilience to overcome barriers
  • Students can reflect on how they communicate; especially with those who are not like them

Summer Term

  • Students can reflect on their decision-making, including their online behavior and lifestyle choices
  • Students learn what it means to take initiative, to set goals and to lead others

    Week 1:  Introducing Organisation

    Week 2:  Start as we mean to go on

    Week 3:  Organised Leadership

    Week 4: Organised acts of kindness

    Week 5: Benefits of being involved

    Week 6: Pushing yourself to the limit for others

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