Performing Arts Clubs

This term we welcomed Flo, Mollie, Tom and Will to the Media Team and challenged them to interview Mr Tew about Penrice Plus, grab some photos and write something for the website.. in just one hour.

Drama Club

We asked Mr Tew: Why did you set drama club?

He set up Drama Club because of a gap in Performing Arts to give Drama Club to Year 7 and 8, as Year 9 and 10 already have a big range of Performing Art Clubs and have opportunities to progress in Drama.

Flo interviewed Erin from Year 8 and asked her why she likes Drama Club.

She said: “I have always liked drama from a young age and I did it all the time in my primary school and when I came to secondary school I thought I would give it a go!”

The entire group of students that joined Drama Club said they love it because ‘it is educational and fun’.

We think that it’s a good Idea to join a Performing Arts Club if you are thinking about or doing a Performing Arts subject as a GCSE because it gives you a starting step and pushes you to achieve your highest ability.

But if you are doing other subjects or have other hobbies, there is a lot up for grabs like Catering or Sign Language Club.

School of Rock

We also talked to the Penrice School of Rock.  The song they are singing is Radioactive and the lead singer is Harry; his two guitarists are Cosmin and Aiden and his backing singers are Sophie and Tegan.

The second band is singing Centuries; the guitarist is Jack and on saxophone Jude. The third band is performing Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana and the guitarists are Layton and Hendra and on drums is Gabe. They all said they joined the club because they have a passion for music or play an instrument and had a dream to be in a band!

by Mollie, Flo, Tom and Will

Picture: Will

Look out for more from Penrice Plus next week.