Penrice Votes: Mock Referendum

On Thursday 23rd June, every student at Penrice had the opportunity to cast their vote in our Mock EU Referendum.

“It’s so important that our students get involved – they may not be able to vote for real for a few years, but the outcome will affect them just as much.” (Mrs Stevens)

Students then gathered in the Hall for the announcement from Mr Cardigan of which way the votes had swung.

“I, Mr Cardigan, the acting Returning Officer at Penrice Academy, hereby give notice that the total number of votes cast in the Penrice European Referendum on the 23rd June 2016 was as follows..”

Remain in the European Union: 550 votes

Leave the European Union: 494 votes

Remain had the majority of 56 votes on the day. Thank you to everyone who took part – over 1000 students voted – and well done to our Representatives for their hard work over the last couple of weeks.