Penrice Progress App

We are pleased to announce that our new reporting tool, the Penrice Progress App is now complete and we would like to trial it with Year 9 parents over the next few weeks before we release it to all parents towards the end of the school year.

What is the Penrice Progress App?

The Penrice Progress App is a web based tool that can be accessed through the website. It allows you to see daily updated information on your child’s attendance and achievement / behaviour points they may have gained. You are also able to view their 2 week timetable.

The Penrice Progress App also gives you information relating to your child’s progress and effort in their subject areas as well as their present reading age. The progress information is updated at various points throughout the year and you will be informed via text or email when the progress information has been updated. The Penrice Progress App will replace traditional paper reports.

How do I use the Penrice Progress App?

Click here to see the Progress App

The Penrice Progress App is accessible via the Parent drop down menu.  You will also find a link to the Instructional video which explains how the Penrice Progress App works and all the functions available. Please take some time to watch this video to familiarise yourself with the features.

How do I log into the Penrice Progress App?

In order to access your child’s information you will need to use their school login. This is the username and password they use to log into the school computers on a daily basis. We intend to develop the Penrice Progress App further by having a parent login page so that you will be able to see all your children’s information should you have more than one child at the academy;  this feature should appear in the coming months.

We hope you find the Penrice Progress App a useful tool to track your child’s progress at Penrice Academy. Please fill in the Feedback form to help us improve.

For further information please contact Mr Chris Knipe,