Penrice Plus+ Roundup

Jacob and Jack talk about the extracurricular world of Penrice Plus.

Penrice plus is an after school club welcoming everyone. There are all sorts of things you can do starting from girl’s football, cross country, badminton, and more. It runs after school from 3.15 to 4.15.

After school clubs

There’s also after school clubs like boys and girls football, netball and cross county. If you show good dedication you could even make it into the team. If you make it into the team you play after school games against other teams.

Charity Sport

The Year 10 Fun Run: on the 22nd of February Mr Sutcliffe and his Year 10s are running a fun run. The fun run aims to raise around £1500 for Mount Edgecumbe. The run is around one-mile long. It costs £2 and that £2 will help to go towards new equipment for the people who need it most. Anyone can run it as long as they have neon clothing.


Beach Bay is a competition between 6 teams known as, Carlyon bay, pentewan, Mevagissey, Charles town, Par bay and Porthpean. Two months ago we had a tournament for rugby. We were all split up into them six teams and we played each other. It was fun but muddy, the finishing places were Pentewan last Par Bay fifth, Mevagissey, fourth Charles town third, Par bay second and Porthpean First.

Half of the population at Penrice Academy takes part in extra-curricular clubs after school hours on Thursdays as part of Penrice Plus. There are many clubs from Games Club, Art Clubs, Eco Club, , Maths for the Curious, Penrice Bake Off and Young Curators Club.

There are also numerous Sport Clubs offered; I asked some P.E. teachers a few questions about Penrice Plus and its importance in school PE.

J: Do you think Penrice Plus is important and if so why?

Mr Burtford: Yes I think Penrice Plus is important because it is good for staff to do activities they wouldn’t normally do and is good for the students because there is so many sports activities in a relaxed no-pressure environment and just to get a chance doing something they normally, especially with health and fitness so important nowadays.

J: Who runs the sports clubs at Penrice Plus?

Mr Burtford: Mr Olifhile, Mr Underwood and Mr Hudson run the Badminton Club in the Sports Hall, Mr Johnson, Mr Edworthy and Mr La Borde run (literally) Cross Country on the field and Miss Brown and Mr Wara run Girls Football. In the summer term there will also be Tennis and Rounders

Mr Burtford :Yes I think it does have a positive effects on students because it is a chance to play sports in a fun social environment and it really helps them to get into a good mood.

J: How does Penrice Plus affect students mind sets?

Mr Burtford: I think it is a fantastic way to get into a good mood by playing sports with your friends and it is a good way to get into a positive mind set through developing students determination, resilience and team work skills.’

Further to this, the following extra-curricular Sport Clubs run at Penrice Academy. Speak to the PE department to get involved:

Monday – All Years Cross Country and Year 7 and Year 8 Golf Club

Tuesday- Year 7, Year 8, Year 10 Rugby Training, Years 8 & 9 Girls Netball and Hockey Club

Wednesday –  Year 7 Girls Netball and FIXTURE DAY

Thursday – Year 10 Rugby Training, Years 9 and 10 Girls Netball and FIXTURE DAY

Friday – Year 7 Rugby, Dance Club and Hockey Club

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