Penrice Plus Gets Arty

After a few weeks of getting to know each other, practicing photography and meeting students, our Student Media Team created their first feature from scratch – doing interviews, photography, photo editing and uploading to the website, all in one hour…

by the Student Media Team

This week for Penrice Plus the Art students were bringing their inspirations to life.

We interviewed Flo and Olivia from Arts and Crafts Club (pictured above) and they told us: “I love to colour and I also love to take photos!” “This club allows people to make new friends while getting better at art.”

Then we talked to Tasmin and Jack from the Stop Motion Animation Club and they told us that: “I’m really into art and I love to make clay models.” They also said: “I think about what I’m going to do each week at home.”

The teacher in charge of the Animation Club, Mrs Podlaska, said: “It’s a lot of fun for the students to work with the clay and turn their creations alive. It’s also both really relaxing but also exiting for them to create their own stories.”

Words and Pictures: Adam (Year 9)

Interviews and Picture Editing: Sam (Year 7)

Watch out for another Feature from our Student Media Team next week.

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