Penrice Parents/Carer Keyworker booking form is available online now – click here for more information

Dear Parent/Carer

The Government advice is to keep children at home if at all possible, however Penrice Academy will stay open for those that absolutely need it. If either parent is a key worker please complete the form to book your child/children a place as required.

Further to my communication yesterday, if you are a Keyworker in need of childcare during the period of school closure, please follow the link below to book your child a place. At present we are taking bookings from Monday 23 March until Friday 27 March.


School will be open to students of Keyworkers only from 8am until 6pm, Monday to Friday. Keyworkers are:


  • Health and Social Care
  • Education and Childcare
  • Key Public Services (broadcasting, justice, religion)
  • Local and National Government
  • Public Safety and National Security
  • Transport
  • Utilities, Communication and Finance

Once you have submitted your booking form, you can amend it should your childcare needs change. Bookings must be confirmed by 4pm the day before childcare is required (i.e. book by 4pm Sunday for childcare on Monday). We cannot accept students if a booking form has not been submitted.

Students are not required to wear school uniform however they must be dressed appropriately to work in a school environment.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards

Lucy Gambier

Head of School