Penrice Parent Apps

We currently use two different apps to communicate with parents and carers, these are called School Gateway and Satchel One.

It is recommended that you download both of these apps on your smartphone in order to benefit from the best possible tracking of your child’s progress at Penrice. A breakdown of each app’s capabilities is below:

School Gateway

  • Your Child’s Timetable
  • School Communications & Parent Updates
  • The medical information that Penrice holds for your child
  • Your Child’s Merits
  • Behaviour Points

Inactive Features:
✗ Reports

Satchel One

  • Your Child’s Timetable
  • Your Child’s Homework (set tasks and deadlines)
  • Teacher Feedback on your Child’s Homework
  • Homework Points (Missed Homeworks)
  • Your Child’s Attendance

Inactive Features:
✗ Behaviour Points
✗ Detentions

How to Link The Apps to my Child’s School Information?

Getting set up in the first instance might sound like a faff, but once you are up and running it’ll be worth it! You’ll have all the information at your fingertips!
School Gateway: You can link to your child’s information by using your current email address and mobile phone number on record with Penrice Academy. The activation process involves receiving a PIN number from School Gateway via your mobile phone. If you have any difficulties, please email and we’ll help you get linked up.
Satchel One: All parents/carers are sent an invite and activation code when they join the school. If you are unable to find your code, please email and we can send you a new code.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we not use one singular app?
Because there is currently not one app that contains all of the functionality we need. We continue to monitor what is available on the market as we work towards this end goal.

Why is the reports feature inactive?
Reports are not shared on school gateway. We produce custom designed reports with much more information than the ones that can be shared on school gateway. This gives parents a more detailed and easier to understand report.

Why have inactive app buttons not been removed?
We have politely asked the developers if inactive buttons can be hidden/removed, however these are off-the-shelf apps with little scope for customisation.