Penrice on a Charlestown Film Set!

On Tuesday 3rd May, Year 10 Practical Geography students were met with a surprise when they stumbled across the set of Taboo, a new Georgian period drama currently being filmed in Charlestown.

It was perfect timing, as the students are currently researching the reasons why tourism has increased so rapidly in Charlestown, and they could see one of the main reasons (an attraction for film sets) in all of its glory.

Mr Buse said: “Our students were lucky enough to speak with some behind-the-scenes staff, who were full of valuable information that will help them with their research. However, to much disappointment, they weren’t lucky enough to speak with Tom Hardy about his views on Charlestown!”

“As a Geography teacher, it is clear that the historic charm and natural beauty of Charlestown is certainly a catalyst for tourist numbers on the increase.”