Penrice Complete ‘Best Ten Tors Yet’.

On Friday 5th May 2017, Penrice Academy students began their annual challenge of completing the South West’s famous Ten Tors – and this year was the most successful to date.

Fifteen Penrice students in Years 9, 10 and 11 took to the Moors for the 35 mile and 45 mile route; Captains Sam Cornell and Bella Nash, Joshua Eycott-Martin Fynn Watson, Ethan Pearce-Cowley, Niall Blackbeard, Jack Hoskin, Kaelin Fletcher-Taylor, Joe Maunder, Archie Bees, Sophie Langan, Thomas Johnson and, part of a St James School/Penrice Academy Joint 45 mile team, Ashley Gilder Cameron Taylor and Aron Snell.

This year all 15 students completed their routes, with all of our teams receiving the treasured certificate for getting the whole team Home. A total of 240 teams took part this year from all over the South West.

The Penrice Team A raced around the 35-mile route to set a new Penrice Record – crossing the line at 9.32am on Sunday.  The 35 mile A team was also interviewed by ITV West Country, with Niall Blackbeard taking the starring role on camera.

Next home were the 45-mile Team.  The composition of this Team had been shaped by injuries and ailments, which left them short. Following a joint training session two weeks ago with St James College in Exeter, who were in a similar position, both schools agreed to create a combined team, and completed their 45 mile route at 1.30pm.

The prospects for our second 35-mile Team (Penrice B) were thrown into doubt on Friday evening when Year 9’s Joe Maunder was struck down with a violent sickness.  The Team needed 6 walkers to start, and we had no reserves left. Fortunately, Joe’s parents were present and together Team Penrice developed a strategy to get a determined Joe into his bed early, dosed-up and resting under close supervision. At 7am on Saturday Joe joined his team mates on the start line.

The Team, led by Bella Nash from Year 10, worked really well together to overcome substantial challenges, supporting each other with encouragement and sometimes physical aid. The whole team finished at about 4.07pm on Sunday afternoon.

Mr Bailey, Duke of Edinburgh and Ten Tors Programme Manager at Penrice Academy, said: “These performances and the levels of determination, mutual support and physical fitness shown by all the Penrice students speaks volumes about the type of young adults we have on the roll.”

“Their preparedness for the Challenge they faced this weekend is a testament to the support and guidance they’ve had from Training Manager Mr de Villiers and the team of Challenge leaders at Penrice, and the comprehensive winter training programme they took part in last term.  A really proud day for the school.”


Penrice 35A:

Sam Cornell (c)

Joshua Eycott-Martin

Fynn Watson

Ethan Pearce-Cowley

Niall Blackbeard

Jack Hoskin

Penrice 35B:

Bella Nash (c)

Kaelin Fletcher-Taylor

Joe Maunder

Archie Bees

Sophie Langan

Thomas Johnson

St James School/Penrice Joint 45 mile team:

Ashley Gilder

Cameron Taylor

Aron Snell