Penrice achieves “Super User” status on Careerpilot!

We’re delighted that we’ve been awarded “Super User” status for Careerpilot at our school – students,if you haven’t registered yet, look now!

Careerpilot is a great, free-to-use website for both our students, their parents/carers and our teachers and tutors which provides detailed information to help young people plan their future study and career.  This includes:

 All career choices at 14, 16 and 18;

The site also has Career Tools to help young people decide their choices and to identify their skills.

We have recently expanded our use of Careerpilot with many of our students across the year groups to explore career choices and assist in the understanding of the world of work and further study.  This year we are using a new development in Careerpilot called Pathway Planner with our Year 11’s to help our tutors get to know their students career aims and aspirations even better!

Parents, there’s some good information on the website to help you start discussions with your child about future career paths and the world of work  – Parent Zone  aims to help parents and carers get answers to career-related questions. The Parent Zone also has a quiz to help parents find answers to key questions that can impact on young people’s decisions.