Penrice Academy: Future Stars

Last year a selection of Music students from Penrice Academy spent two days recording at St Austell College to create their very own CD known as Future Stars.

“I am so incredibly pleased with and proud of the recordings our students have made after some really hard work. It sounds great!” (Mr Jones)

You can now hear the finished songs on Soundcloud or click the ‘play’ button on the tracks below to listen.

Track Listing

1. Cali (Year 9)

2. Share my Yoke – Lia (Year 8) and Mr Anthony Trodd

3. April in Paris – Emile (former student)

4. Vois Sur Ton Chemin – Jake T (Year 10)

5. Love Yourself – Jake S (Year 9)

6. Gabriel’s Oboe – Chloe (year 11)

7. Put Your Records On – Carmen (Year 9)

8. Someone Like You – Lucy and Emma (Year 10)

Watch behind the scenes of Cali, Lia, Emile, Chloe, Emma and Lucy’s recording process:

Watch behind the scenes of Jake, Jake and Carmen’s recording process: