Pegasus Students Explore Cardinam!

On Friday 4th December, 11 Year 9 students, Miss Seberry, Mr Hugget and Mr Matthews from the Forest School and Harvey the Dog, all met in Cardinham Woods as part of the Exploring the Environment strand of the Penrice Pegasus Award.

Miss Seberry explains: “The Pegasus Award aims to boost confidence and set achievable and meaningful targets within four strands: Healthy Living, Skills for Life, Exploring the Environment and Helping Others.  The Year 9 group are nearly half way to achieving their Bronze award – a badge they can wear with pride on their blazer!”

Activities included teamwork and competition challenges, learning skills in tracking and collecting information on nature, like what different types of birds and trees can be spotted in Cardinham Woods.

Miss Seberry continued: “The students just loved being outdoors in the woods, exploring and learning – it was a great day and we really look forward to the next part of Pegasus!”

 “Pegasus is really helping – it’s given me a reason and a target to try and eat healthily!”

“It makes a really nice change to be the one helping the teachers tidy up the classrooms, and see them from that point of view, rather than being the only getting told off for being naughty!”

“Pegasus is making me try a little bit harder, both to behave better and also to try and get merits”

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