Our Evening in Space

On Thursday 1st February, Penrice Academy welcomed some of the biggest names in space science in the South West for an Evening in Space.

Spaceport Cornwall, Goonhilly Earth Station and interactive STEM workshop company Wonderstruck fueled the imaginations of over 300 students and parents with rockets, explosions and demonstrations on the present and future of space travel.

Year 7s Jessie, Lewis and Grace report:

“On the 1st of February we had a great opportunity to experience what it would be like in space.

We had a variety of interactive stations including an explosive rocket show, the amazing Space Dome, astronaut reaction tests, satellite engineering workshops and more! In the hall, we could learn about satellites and make our own. It was amazing to meet professionals who worked alongside the satellites and space itself.

The rocket show was amazing! At the start of the show, tension was building as we were excited for lots of explosions.

First of all we had a rocket demonstration of how they can fly. This show was great as there was lots of interactivity with the adults as well as the kids. He unsuccessfully made a jetpack and set himself on fire… but he did make lots of explosions and mini rockets and was so funny!

Our favourite was when a solid turned into a liquid with two blowtorches. The presenter then added water and there was a massive fire explosion! Another favourite was a balloon that the presenter mixed hydrogen and oxygen together and then lit caused a HUGE bang.

The Planetarium was also so interesting. We could see all the different constellations, stars and planets. It was pitch black and all the stars were all around us! We didn’t want to leave.”

See more pictures in our gallery.

Video: Wonderstruck fuel imaginations with their Rocket Show