Our Celebration Poem

In their Final Celebration Assembly of the year, Year 8s Emily, Lia, Freja, Ebony and Hannah performed an original poem about moving into each year at school.

by Freya Varley

It’s strange that at some point in every day

We turn aside from our lives and say:

“What’s happening tomorrow?”

We’re wasting time that we only borrow,

When really we need to feel

That yesterday has its own appeal.

We must treasure the past,

And accept that the present won’t last,

Celebrate our achievements,

Value our journey,

And look to the future with hope.


Year 7 was a new page.

The beginning of a new age,

Where we made new friends

And with our enemies we made amends.

We learnt the rules

And we settled into our new schools.

We looked to new days,

New ways,

New people,

This was our sequel.


Months later, we watched Year 6s looking around,

Shuffling their feet along the ground,

With faces of awe,

Smiling and gasping at what we once saw,

And we felt we were so much older,




Our first CEW ever

Will be etched into our minds forever.

The week we went out into the sun,

Onto the grass and beach to have fun,

With friends we laughed,

Even at things that were daft.


We sewed and fished,

We wrote and wished

That every week could be like this.

The beginning of year eight:

The start of something great.

We learnt new information

And we also picked our options,

Mixing up our lessons like educational concoctions.

It was good

To know that we could

And we looked forward to the future and more,

We looked forward to seeing what was in store.


Annie was our show,

And the actors were aglow,

When they performed both nights,

Emotions soared as high as colourful kites.

We look forward to what the drama team is yet to bring us,

We wonder what it’ll be about.

We know it will great,

Too great to even rate.


The Maths challenge: a competition,

When we were all on a mission

To get bronze, silver or gold.

A few weeks later we were told,

Told that we all did well.

In fact, and I don’t want to yell,

Almost all of us got an award.

The competition really had struck a chord,

Making us all find our competitive roots,

And slip on our maths boots.


So in the end tomorrow is something we should welcome with open arms,

Because although yesterday has these certain charms,

We can achieve so much as the days go by,

As to the future we say hi,

As we join our new classes,

We’ll meet new friends-to-be,

And when the time comes,

We’ll all be wondering, ‘What’s next?