Experience Penrice: Open Day 2017

On Thursday 21st September 2017, Penrice Academy welcomed 350 primary children from schools across St Austell for Open Day.

Kirsty Taylor, Head of Year 7 at Penrice, said: “Open Day is without a doubt one of our favourite days of the year. Not only do we get to spend a day witnessing the smiles and wonder on the faces of Year 6 at what they can experience at secondary level, but we also get to celebrate everything Penrice is as a school.”

This year Open Day was split into three subjects; Science, Creative Arts and Sport. The primary children took part in exciting experiments in Science – some experiencing equipment such as Bunsen Burners and microscopes for the very first time – team games and challenges in sport and let their imaginations run wild in the Art Block.

Following an exciting day experiencing life at Penrice, the children had the opportunity to return in the evening with their parents to show off the work they created. They were joined by hundreds of children and families from further afield, all keen to see the school in action.

Departments welcomed the children in costume, with entertainment and with visual affects aplenty.

In English, student Witches Maisie Craddock, Izzy James and Emily Passmore challenged visitors to create potions inspired by the Harry Potter Books, the History Department recreated The Blitz with sirens, evacuees and a smoke machine and Music set up in the school’s brand new garden to perform to passersby.

Also on offer was Minecraft in Computer Science, making paper lanterns in Art, problem solving and Countdown in Maths, Cultural Games and Flavours in Modern Foreign Languages and exploring recent weather phenomenon in Geography.

Open Day at Penrice Academy is a fantastic opportunity for primary children to experience lessons at secondary level – and science always proves a hit with young imaginations.

This year at Penrice Academy, children and parents were treated to four classrooms filled with fascinating sights, from Methane Bubbles, a Reuban’s Tube and Cannon Fire to a Van de Graaff Generator, a CSI lab and dissection.

Emma Chandler, Science Teacher, said: “Science at secondary level is perfect for young investigative minds. Children of that age love the sense of mystery; they’re full of curiosity about how the world works. We loved seeing so many young scientists stop by for Open Day and can’t wait to see them all again!”

Children used a Merit Map to tour the Academy with the aim to collect as many Merits as possible from a variety of departments; a great way to get to know staff and find their way around the school.

Open Evening was also a chance for this year’s team of Prefects to show parents around and share knowledge about their school.

Richard Baker, Principal at Penrice, said: “I am very proud of our staff and our Prefects, who as always were fantastic ambassadors for their school. There was a real buzz around Penrice on Open Day.”

See more pictures from Open Day 2017 in our gallery.

Missed Open Day at Penrice? The School’s Open Tours begin on Monday 25th September. Contact Reception on 01726 72163 for more information.