Obesity Developing Devious Diseases


Mental Health and Obesity

By Maisie, Stephanie and Jasmine

Today we are at Penrice Academy, Cornwall, interviewing teachers about obesity and child mental health. The teachers we asked were:

  • Mrs Knowles – a catering teacher, she believes that eating balanced diet can prevent obesity.
  • Miss Libby – a member of the student and family centre who thinks that if a child is suffering from being overweight they need support for their mental health and it can have a huge impact on their learning and social life.
  • Mr Bailey – a science teacher who thinks that having exercise often, is beneficial to maintain weight, health and development of body cells if you are a child.


The reason we have chosen a topic about obesity and child mental health is that child obesity has become one of the most serious conditions for children in the 21st century. Obesity of children from 2-18 years old is at the risk of developing further problems because of the increasing percentage of obesity. Many temptations are available, however it is fine to have small quantity, because of useful benefits.


Child Obesity can affect the mood of children in a negative way, moreover this is the reason why it is linked with mental health. This is a ghastly condition and everybody needs support, children should never feel or think pessimistic thoughts. Raising awareness can help guidance for children in need, if we don’t, their self-esteem becomes poor and depression may occur, this is never a healthy benefit to childhood. Child mental health is so serious that now it has come to conclusion that 1 out of 10 children suffer from the condition. This is not acceptable.


Food is a source to keep you healthy and provide nutrients for your body, it is extremely important for a healthy lifestyle. Fat in food is also a major ingredient to keep you insulated and energised for a busy day. As we have mentioned, a large amount of, not just fat, but any sort of food can cause difficulties.


From our knowledge we know that 1 out of 10 children have suffered from depression, sometimes about school, sometimes about body shape.  Therefore, we interviewed a Year 7 student in our school, who participates in several sports, to share her ideas on obesity. The student believes that taking part in sports, can help with teamwork and skills to socialise with more people from the community. Also she thinks that every school over the UK should have access to a student centre where they can discuss important and relevant matter of confidential issues; this is because she believes that sometimes family members and friends are not the suitable audience for private problems that they lack confidence in.

“If you know someone really well then it can become harder to explain a private situation with them, sometimes talking to  a “half-stranger” (someone you know the name of or spoke to once or twice but don’t know them that well) is much easier to talk to..”  (Year 7 student)

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