National Careers Award for Penrice

This term, Mrs Charlotte Selley, Careers Lead at Penrice Academy, attended the Careers Enterprise Joining the Dots Conference in Sheffield.

Mrs Selley was representing the Mid Cornwall Careers Network, nominated for the South West Regional Award, and was delighted to be presented with an award for their Working in Collaboration entry.

She said: “I was delighted to receive the South West Regional Award on behalf of Penrice Academy and our partner schools. The Passport to Your Future Event held during the National Careers Week saw our partner schools and ourselves working in collaboration  for the first time as regards career guidance and we plan to organise further events for our young people.”

“We were supported by the Careers Enterprise Adviser – Carrie Holmes, Education Business Partnership and Next Steps South West. We must also thank all the keynote speakers and local businesses that supported us during the week.”

Passport to Your Future, in partnership with The Roseland, Poltair and Brannel, featured consecutive evenings which depicted a growth sector in Cornwall; students and parents were able to attend a presentation from a keynote speaker followed by two interactive hands-on workshops.

Richard Cardigan, Assistant Principal, said: “Penrice Academy is so proud to be part of winning a national award. It is a testament to the incredible amount of hard work the school dedicates to raising student aspiration, looking at next steps and future job opportunities. Many congratulations to all the local schools.”

Pictured: Mrs Selley with the Award