Mr Banfield Skis for #Penrice3580

by Sam, Adam, Alfie and Jack (The Media Team)

We interviewed Mr Banfield, a Geography Teacher at Penrice, who did the whole Fun Run for Project 3580 on Skis; this is what he told us.

Why did you decide to do the sponsored run in skis?

“A few weeks ago I said to every teacher that it would be a snow day, but when the day came there was no snow! When Mr Knipe asked if I was doing the Fun Run, all the teachers said that I should do it on skis since I can’t tell the weather properly!”

How much money have you raised?

“Just under £200!”

Did you enjoy it?

“I did, this really is a whole school community event and I was just happy to play my part, share the spirit of the day and support what is an incredibly worthwhile charity that will change lives. It was also great to make a few people laugh along the way!”

Students had a blast this morning traversing 2.3 miles in everything from onesies, to suits! The fun run for Project 3580 – also known as #Penrice3580 – had a great turn out; over 700 students and teachers from all years coming together to raise money for this superb cause.

You can help the cause here.

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