Year 7 Mission to Mars: Part 2

On Tuesday 5th July, Year 7 Scientists held their second Press Conference for their proposed Missions to Mars in search of life on other planets.

Facing their peers in groups, the students gave presentations they have developed this term and, in some cases, worked on since the last conference. The presentations included advanced plans, details of costings and dangers and further information on the launch process. Students were judged on how clear they got their ideas across, scientific accuracy and an understanding of launch thrust and escape velocity.

Led by the Mission Commander, the students also battled questions from the ‘press’, including details of combating muscle loss, the science behind rocket propulsion and how to escape in an emergency.

Mr Bailey said: “Today the students have been tackling A Level Science whilst confidently giving presentations in front of the class. I am really impressed with what they’ve put together and it hints at great things from these future scientists in the years to come!”

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