Mini Bloodhound Project

by Tom and Corben

Welcome to the Mini Bloodhound car race at Penrice Academy! Held on Thursday 15th March 2018.

Here are some of the cars from the project:

We made our cars using foam blocks that we cut out in similar shapes to that of the Bloodhound and we raced all of them to see who’s car design was the fastest and worked the most efficiently.

The project was announced on the 23 October 2008.

The Bloodhound is going from Newquay to South Africa later on this year.

It has not been tested yet, therefore its maximum speed hasn’t been recorded. The team are aiming to reach 1000mph at maximum speed. They wanted it to be faster than the car that broke the sound barrier.

It is 13.4 metres long, and weighs 7.5 tonnes

Every school in the country was given the chance to build their own rocket car. Penrice was one of these schools. All of the participating schools will compete to see whose car is the fastest. The winner will get to go to South Africa to watch the bloodhound being tested to break the world record.