Messages of Remembrance 2016

On Friday 11th November 2016 as part of the Service of Remembrance at Penrice, each Tutor Group in the school wrote individual messages to be laid by the memorial, promising to ‘never forget’, to ‘always love those we have lost’ and some simply saying ‘thank you.’

Read more about the service here and see pictures in our gallery.

7FB – To all service personal who have died or are still serving stay strong. It is because of you that we are free.

7HF – In soldiers we trust, we now have a tomorrow / Even though they do not stand memories will stand forth forever.

7PB – With a tear in our hearts, we will remember, we will never forget.

7VT – In remembrance of all those people who died fighting for our country in the war. Thank you.

8IW – Bravest men in history; thank you for fighting for us and risking your lives so we can live ours freely x

8PJ – We will remember / You all gave some, some gave all / Thank you for your sacrifice / You laid down your lives for our freedom.

9VM – For our tomorrow you gave your today / To the memory of the fallen and the future of the living / A man is not dead while his name is still spoken / Heroes are remembered, legends never die/ We must remember those who died for our freedom so I will live my life to the fullest; I owe that to the men who died.

10SL – To those who sacrificed their lives to save ours / To those who sacrificed their tomorrow for our today / To those who died protecting the future; we remember.

10JE – In loving memory of those who don’t go away. They walk behind us every day! Unseen, unheard but always near, still loved still missed and very dear.

10JN – It is our duty to remember and share the story of those who are no longer here.

10RB – Thank you for serving our country and letting us live the way our lives are today. We will remember you always.

11KW – We must never forget the sacrifice made for our freedom today.

11AB – Thank you for saving future generations.

11TL – For those who leave never to remember, for those who return but are never the same. We remember.