Maths Olympics Day 2017

On Thursday 4th May our Maths Department held their annual Year 6 Maths Olympics Day.

Students were judged on their efforts and participation in the following events:

  • Round One – Greek Plate Design
  • Round Two – Practical Team Challenges
  • Round Three – Team Relay Race

Mrs Johns said: “Maths Olympics Day with Year 6 is a day that I look forward to every year!  It was lovely seeing all the different Primary Schools working together and completing all the various activities.”

To ensure the day as a success, four Year 10 students – Ben, Owen, Maya and Katie – helped throughout the day,

“I was so proud of our Year 10 students; they ensured that all the Year 6s were made to feel welcome and motivated them to achieve.  So a massive thanks for all your hard work!”

This year, the competition was close with Pondhu taking first and second place, closely followed by Charlestown. Well done to everyone.

Maths Olympics Day will be due to run again in the Spring Term 2018.

Thanks to The Media Team’s Will, Year 8, for covering the story on the day.