Maths Challenge: The IMOK

The International Mathematical Olympiad and Kangaroo (IMOK)

Leading on from our hugely successful Intermediate Maths Challenge, two students have done fantastically well.

Jack Parr qualified for the Pink Kangaroo (25 multiple choice questions) and scored in the top 25% from 5,346 students, scoring 90 out of a possible 135. The average score was 72. Jack receives a Certificate of Merit for his participation and great achievement.

Finn Corney did a fantastic job of being invited to compete in the International Mathematical Olympiad (Papers contain six questions, for which full written answers are expected). He qualified for this by being in the top 500 from his year group internationally.  This involved a harder two hour challenge.

Finn did well to receive a Certificate of Merit for his participation and achievement.

(Mr Hopkins, Maths Teacher)

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