Making a Scene for Christmas

Last month, Year 9 Penrice students Rebecca, Ruby, Jade, Amelia and Evie worked hard in their spare time to complete a painted scene for Fowey Primary school alongside Art Trainee, Laura Kingdon.

Laura explains: “Our instructions were to create a Mary Poppins style nursery. The team went about collaborating ideas and, after a few technical issues, we started some painterly magic!”

Collage, printing and stencilling techniques were used to add some rich detail and the scenery was lit up along with two other beautiful backdrops in the school hall. The team then attended the show at Fowey on Monday 7th December with a heartfelt thank you at the start for their ‘bright and lively’ addition to the play.

“The play was a great success,” Laura continued, “with brilliant renditions of classic songs! Our students did so well and gained skills in large scale painting, lots of teamwork and something colourful for their CVs.”