Making a Scene for Christmas: 2016

Over the past month, five Year 9 students from Penrice have worked with Mrs Smith and Miss Stanley in Art to paint one of the three backdrops for the Fowey Primary Christmas production!

Kira Allen, Evie Connolly, Lerryn Nottle, Ria Pollard and Elina Sirve were given the task of creating an Arabian market scene for this year’s performance of Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits, and dedicated Friday evenings to completing it to a high standard.

Mrs Smith said: “The girls faced the challenge of working on a large scale, something they hadn’t done before, but they stayed positive and took all advice on board to produce an exceptional piece!”

All students involved were also invited to watch the school play on Monday 5th December.

Mrs Smith continued: “It was a special treat to watch such a fantastic play and witness all their hard work exhibited on stage. Well done girls and thank you for your commitment to the project!”

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