Learning through Spanish Theatre

On Monday 11th January, the Onatti Theatre Company visited Penrice for the second year running to perform a 50 minute play, Prima Cita, to Years 7,8 and 9 – entirely in Spanish.

The play told the story of two young Character called Carlos and Maria, who are preparing to go on their first date. It tested the students’ interpretation of audio and visual communication in a foreign language and gave them the opportunity to communicate with the actors and respond in Spanish in true Pantomime style.

Mrs Oddy, MFL Teacher, said: “The students were enthusiastic and thoroughly enjoyed the play, taking every opportunity to join in. It was hilarious, full of fun and is a great way to practice their Spanish. We look forward to welcoming the company back next year for another funny and exciting experience.”

“Primera Cita is about a boy and a girl who are getting ready for a date. They are both in their rooms and they are struggling to choose what to wear, what to bring and where to meet each other. I thought the shows was very interesting and I was surprised with the amount I could understand!” (Bella, Year 8)

“I thought the play was fantastic! The actors did an amazing job; although I didn’t know some of the words I could clearly understand what was being said by the gestures and expressions they were making throughout the performance.” (Jess, Year 8)

“I would give the play 5 stars! The actions helped me understand the parts of the Spanish that I didn’t understand and when Carlos talked to me, I was nervous but I understood what he was saying – I think this helped my Spanish a lot.” (Jakub, Year 7)

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