Keyworker – Student Booking Form

Keyworker – Student Booking Form:
Penrice Academy remains closed to the majority of students except for a tiny number of students whose parents are key workers.
If you are a key worker in need of childcare:

Please click here to complete the form to book your child in (one form to be submitted per child please).

Bookings will be open from 9.00am every Monday in order to book for the following weeks childcare requirements and will close at 6.00pm on the Thursday.

Please note that the form can be amended once submitted should your childcare needs change and so we would ask that just one form is submitted per child. Please be aware that no bookings will be accepted after this time. Should there be any last minute emergency changes to your bookings, please call reception during office hours on 01726 72163 in order for the changes to be noted.

In order to book a child in, you must also agree to the terms of the ​Home School Agreement: Behaviour Policy Amendment in response to Covid-19 found in section 2 of the form.

Important Information:
– Timings of the day will be 8.30am – 3.00pm
– Non school uniform
– Face coverings/masks are essential
– Please ensure your child brings their own packed lunch as there will be no in-school provisions
– Please read the amended behaviour policy carefully


*** Following completion of this form, If your child shows any Covid-19 symptoms, please do not send them in. Should they show symptoms during school hours, we will contact you in order for you to collect your child from the academy immediately ***