Joining Penrice


When it comes to joining Penrice, we have a well-established programme which makes the transition from Primary to Secondary school as smooth as possible. We work closely with our Primary colleagues, through a number of visits by the Head of Year, SENCO, Assistant Head of Year and current Year 7 students to learn as much as possible about each child. We meet with parents, pupils and professionals where transition to Secondary school is likely to cause particular challenges.

The Head of Year 7 uses all this information to create tutor groups balanced with respect to ability, friendship, gender and individual need. During the Summer Term, children spend two days at Penrice. On these days students meet their new tutor group, spend time with their Tutor, sample taster lessons and get the ‘feel’ of their new school before they arrive in September. Parents and students are invited back for one evening to meet Tutors and Senior Staff.

On our Welcome Days and throughout the first year at Penrice, each tutor group is accompanied by two Year 11 Tutor Prefects who are on hand to support them, help them navigate the Academy and ease any worries they may have. Year 7 students value the input of older students who have been in their shoes.

Finding UsMap to Penrice

Penrice Academy sits on the outside of St Austell town, just off the Mount Charles Roundabout on the A390. The school can be found on Charlestown Road, which leads down towards the Harbour, with access from Holmbush Road, Mount Charles Road, Carlyon Bay and the A390 Eastbound. Once on site, please park in the Visitors area by the front of the school and sign in at Reception.