iPenrice: Learning with iPads

On Thursday 4th February Penrice Academy welcomed representatives from Western Computers for a ‘learning with iPads’ event to talk to guests from schools and colleges across Cornwall about the merits of technology in the classroom.

Dan Hopkins, Apple Distinguished Educator and Maths Teacher at Penrice, said: “It has been an absolute pleasure to welcome Western Computers and colleagues from around the South West today. We have shared the journey that Penrice has been on and where we are going, and have explored how the iPads can be used to improve teaching and learning.”

Visiting delegates saw how iPads can be used in schools and how to roll out their own schemes. They also enjoyed creating their own work using the iPads and seeing how iPads and a combination of different apps can enhance teaching and learning in their own setting.

The afternoon saw four of the Academy’s Digital Genius Team from Year 9, Morgan, Bryn, Ben and Josh, give a presentation on how Apple technology is utilised in day to day life at school, and how they believe it influences their learning. The students’ talk also included interactive demonstrations and an opportunity to answer questions.

Mr Hopkins continued: “Our Digital Geniuses have been amazing at presenting to delegates and demonstrating their skills. Penrice is seen as a great example of how the introduction of iPads can enhance learning and we as a community thoroughly enjoy sharing this exciting journey and our support with others.”

Thanks to Western Computers for their support, our Digital Geniuses for their continual showcase work and to the delegates that have joined us today.