Interview: MasterChef’s Kate Attlee

Kate went to Penrice from 1999 to 2003 and was Head Girl in her last year. She recently starred on BBC MasterChef where she reached the Quarter Finals!

The Media Team’s Sam caught up with Kate on Twitter for School Report.

Hi Kate, I’m Sam from Year 8! Thanks for talking to me for School Report

Hi Sam, my pleasure!

Q1: What inspired you to start cooking?

I would say probably my dad initially, and then moving away from home was a pretty great motivator!

Q2: What was it like being on TV?

Exciting, nerve wracking, overwhelming, fun, terrifying…..a very strange mixture!

Q3: What is your favourite thing to cook?

That’s a tricky one….probably curry. I currently have a pot sitting in our fridge that’ll be our supper today or tomorrow…can’t really go a week without cooking one…

Q4: Did you do much cooking at Penrice? Mrs Powell say hi!

Hello right back!! I did some yes, but I didn’t take food tech as a gcse…

Q5: Do you have a favourite memory from school?

I really loved the school concerts; I was in the jazz and concert bands and had so much fun doing that. Also really enjoyed my final year when I got to be Head Girl – that felt very special

Q6: Are the MasterChef judges as scary as they look?


Q7: What advice would you give to students who want to pursue a career in cooking?

Cook as much and as often as you can. Learn the classics. Practise on friends and family and get them to be as honest as possible, then take their feedback and practise again! Plus, trust your instincts and if you love it, just keep going.

Q8: What have you got planned next?

I am hoping to host a couple of charity suppers in early summer to give as many of the wonderful people who supported me on the telly the chance to come and eat my food. More exciting plans afoot too but early days yet….anyone who wants to be kept up to date, get in touch!