Intermediate Maths Challenge 2016

Report from Mr Hopkins

Students at Penrice Academy achieved three Golds, seven Silvers and 10 Bronze awards in this year’s UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge. 

Over 200,000 pupils from across the UK sat the Intermediate Maths Challenge and, nationally, the top 6% were awarded a gold certificate, the next 13% silver, and the next 21% bronze.

Approximately 1500 of the top students are invited to sit a follow-on Olympiad round and we eagerly await the results from Finn Corney, who was invited to compete with his score of 95 ‘Best in School.’ A further 10,000 are invited to compete in a multiple-choice world-wide Kangaroo round – well done to Jack Parr for being invited to compete in this round. Quinta Carlyon also received a gold certificate.

The Intermediate Maths Challenge is run by the UK Mathematics Trust and supported by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. It is aimed at students in Years 9, 10 and 11 and is sat in schools. Students in Years 8 and 9 will soon be entering the Junior Maths Challenge.

The UKMT is a registered charity whose aim is to advance the education of children and young people in mathematics. It organises national mathematics competitions and other mathematical enrichment activities for UK secondary school pupils. Read more about the Trust and its activities here.

Pictured: Mr Hopkins with Finn, Jack and Quinta


Sample questions from this year’s Intermediate Maths Challenge:

One third of the animals in Jacob’s flock are goats, the rest are sheep. There are twelve more sheep than goats. How many animals are there altogether in Jacob’s flock?


A  12      B   24      C   36      D    48    E    60

The angles of a quadrilateral taken in order are xo, 5xo, 2xo, 4xo.
Which of the following is the quadrilateral?


A   kite  B   parallelogram               C   rhombus        D   arrowhead    E   trapezium