Year 11 Blog: Work Hard Play Hard

There are 15 school weeks left until most Year 11s start their exams.

Most subjects have finished their GCSE content and controlled assessment. All students will start revising in lessons. 100% attendance is vital now; if they miss a lesson now they miss the chance to go over content from previous years.  Every day and every lesson and every evening counts more than it ever has. There will be targeted revision intervention for students after school. If your child is asked to come, it is because we believe we can improve their GCSE by at least one grade. If they are not invited, then we believe they are making good progress and are capable of revising on their own.

From February we will be asking students to think about how they revise. We will issue a revision timetable. Please make sure the timetable is displayed at home and that there is an organised, quiet work space for them to work. Little and often is the key – expect 1 hour a night. We will continue to set homework, practice questions and revision, but we also expect our students to know what they have to do to improve.

Students will have an app on their iPad which has revision checklists for each subject. They should split their time between their subjects and prioritise areas of weakness. Too many students focus on only a few subjects rather than taking a disciplined approach, and 15-16 year olds commonly struggle with time management. They will need your support and your expectations to study more than ever.

This is the first time Year 11 has finished their GCSE and controlled assessment this early. This places Year 11 in a strong position and should help them to manage any stress or anxiety they may be feeling.  Success will come for those who make good decisions about their time and how they split it between family, social, personal interests and school.  If they plan their time and become the most organised they have ever been, then they will feel more confident and positive and their stress levels will  decline and their chances of good progress will increase.

Mr Wood, Head of Year 11